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Saturday, 15 September 2012

CCE Custom Bike Show Arneitz Faak 2012

Custom Chrome Europe Custom Bike Show Arneitz Faak 2012

Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series Ride-In-Bike-Show Faak 2012 - 10th Anniversary Custom Chrome Europe Bikeshow at  Faak!

Faak 2012, Arneitz, Saturday, September 8th: Showtime and Time to celebrate! It was the 10th Annual CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE Ride-In-Bike-Show Faak 2012

A bike show celebrates its birthday – and Custom Chrome Europe invited everybody for the 10th anniversary of CCE’s Ride-In Bike Show at Faaker See, and so there was a huge party! The Custom Chrome Europe Ride-In-Bikeshow can be ranged among the top bikes shows around the globe – and the 2012  event featured several news for us. Most significant is the brand new Arneitz event hall, which now spans the entire (and extended) „Arneitz-100 Show mile“, offering an excellent event site! Again, like every year, the best bikes of European Bike Week were present!

For this anniversary, Custom Chrome Europe invited Bike Show competitors, -judges, -sponsors and winners_– as well as the international custom press – for attending the show and a successive VIP-party. The fully covered „Show-Mile“ at the main road beside the „Arneitz-Custom-Show“ and the Arneitz campground is now full weather-proof and close to the stage-program, stunt shows and restaurants.

„Arneitz-Custom-Show“ was open from September 1st to 8th, continuous program including bike- and customizer-presentations were being offered, providing custombike infotainment at its best – with the Custom Chrome Europe Ride-In Bike Show as one of the definite highlights of European Bike Week at Faak.

Every participant was welcome, the bikes were judged by a highly specialized 10+ jury, selected by press members and custombike-specialists. The Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series classes were: Championship, Modified Harley, Jammer Old School, RevTech-Performance, Chopper, Bagger and Sportster-Engine.

The entry for the bike show started at „high noon“ on Saturday after the parade, and around 5.00 p.m. the trophies were handed out. The term „Ride-In“ has to be taken literally: Only bikes are allowed that are ridden into the event area!






Horst Roesler, well known photographer says: “Is it already a decade ago that the first custom-bikes rolled into the „horseshoe“ next to the „Burnout Bar“ which back then marked the Custom Chrome Europe area at the Arneitz Custom Village? Since then, more than 600 motorcycles have participated in the show, have been evaluated and judged by custombike specialists and press, photographed for the magazines and admired by the public. Not to forget: They have inspired both visitors and customizing participants to work to even higher standards of craftsmanship and creativity. With the 10th anniversary, the Custom Chrome Europe team had reason to be proud of their achievements, running a compact, short and well organized event that continues a great tradition. 54 international top custom-bikes from all over Europe made their way to the Arneitz Custom Show, now housed in a permanent and solid building, with a new stage built to present the bikes in a professional way.
European Bike Week itself celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2012 – and again it was difficult for both visitors and customizers to squeeze into the Ride-In Bike Show as this show has become an increasingly popular part of the Arneitz Custom Show – one of the two major event sites around Lake Faak.
Looking back the decade, more than 600 custombikes represent an incredible amount of creativity and ideas – and it has always been the goal of Custom Chrome Europe to give the builders a perfect „stage“ for their ideas. To promote and support custombike building in all forms and for all motorcycles has been a driving motor behind the show – and the 2010 founded Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series which premiered at Faak – ever since. Looking back into the origins of the CCE Ride-In Show Faak, the reason for its creation can be repeated in the one and only founding sentence: „To bring custombikes back to the Lake!“ European Bike Week itself was founded as the 95th Anniversary celebration of Harley-Davidson for Europe in 1998. The success sparked off the idea of an annual event which soon grew bigger and bigger. In the early years; H-D‘s Ride-In Bike Show, usually held on Friday, can be best defined by a German term that made it into American language: „Wanderlust“. The event was held in the H-D Village, at downtown Villach, next to the Casino Velden and atop a parking garage at Klagenfurt (!), some 50 km away from the lake. CCE‘s intention of bringing a bike show back to the lake never clashed with H-D‘s event: At one occasion, after H-D established the current location next to the H-D Village, Harley had to postpone the show on Friday due to weather conditions and move it to Saturday. To allow Customizers to participate in both events, CCE pushed forward the trophy ceremony and Harley held the entry list open as long as competitors needed to make their way around the lake, allowing Marco Cinquini to win two bikeshows in one day!
Compared with the wild burnout orgies of previous years, the 2012 trophy ceremony was rather tame, but the Arneitz team had invested heavily and built an access ramp to hold the trophy ceremony in front of the main concert stage. As one of the definite highlights of European Bike Week, the Custom Chrome Europe Ride-In Bike Show is the premiere for many hot bikes that have been built during the summer months. The Harley-Davidson Ride-In bike show on Friday gave a good idea what would be rolling into the event-site next to the entrance to the Arneitz Campground, but it might be a premiere that both shows had so many winners in common. What arrived at the sign-in table lived up to the incredible high standards of quality, set by previous events. Trophies in all classes and € 1.000,-- sales credit vouchers for the winners of the „core“ Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series classes which are „Championship“, „Modified Harley“, „RevTech Performance“ and „Jammer Old School“. DHL Global Forwarding serves as long-term sponsoring and presentation partner as some entries had just been shipped in by them from Sturgis! Participation was as international as ever, with winners coming from Italy, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia and Dubai! Competing bikes came from as far as United Arab Emirates and Hungary!
The judges never have an easy job at any Custom Chrome Europe Bike Show Series event, but this year, prominent customizers joint in to judge the motorcycles and check out the event from „the other side“. Aykut Tartaroglu of AT Cycles has won several „Best of Show“ and other top scores at the event and last year´s „Championship Class“ Winner Mario Kyprianides sure added his expertise to the panel of judges.
Unlike previous years, placing of the bikes, press-walk and judgement could be performed with only the builders present. Which simplified things quite a lot especially in terms of photographing bikes and details of the exhibited bikes. When the show area opened, it was soon crowded beyond believe – as known from previous events! „We see the shows as a great support for the scene and custombike-builders to present their work, meet and talk to the best builders and give the press the opportunity to get in touch with the customizers and the owners of the bikes“, says Custom Chrome Europe Marketing Manager Axel Scherer, „the shows are held to promote custombike building in general, but the way we handle things certainly reflects positive on our business. We always re-think how we can improve our shows and add more value for the participants of our bike shows“, says Scherer.
With this event, Custom Chrome Europe again underlined its position as European market leader in high-class custom motorcycle parts – the “Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series” will continue at the 2013 BIKE EXPO VERONA and – of course – the 15th Anniversary “Custom Chrome Europe Dealer Show“ coming up March 23rd/24th 2013 at Mainz/Germany, where Custom Chrome Europe will stage another European Championship round of the “Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series”!
When the last bike rolled off the stage, Andreas Scholz opened the door to the „10th Anniversary CCE Ride-In Aftershow Reception“, open for all previous 2003-2012 Bike Show competitors, judges, sponsors and winners – as well as the international custom press – sponsored by DHL and SKS, both the „real deal“ Harley- and Custombike-shipping specialists who know how to throw a party! But to re-cycle an old Las Vegas slogan: What happens in Faak stays in Faak!
Special thanks - as usual - to the high-class panel of judges which are the ones that make this event possible!”
 The 2012 edition (10th Anniversary CCE Ride-In Show at Faak and the 5th at the Location of the Arneitz 100 Showmile) again attracted some of the best bikes around the lake Faak. In continuation of the “Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series” which will continue at the VERONA BIKE EXPO in January 2013 and the already legendary CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE Dealer Show at Mainz on March 23rd/24th 2013


And the Winners of the Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series Ride-In-Bike-Show Faak 2012 are:


1 "Raceline 5.0" by Manuel Allerberger, Fridolfing/Germany
2 "Nightstar Iron Devil" by Iron Devil Cycles, Fridolfing/Germany
3 "Ironster" by Michael J. Glockner, Viktring/Austria

1"FXR Bagger" by Bernhard Perl, Falkenberg, D
2 "The Eagle" by Rockstar Cycles, Stangenberg/Germany
3 "Road Glide Bagger" by Bikers Corner/Carlo Buonchristiani, Perugia/Italy

1 Flawless 2.0 by Thunderbike, Hamminkeln/Germany
2 "Chopper" by Sören Pinzer, Rellingen/Germany
3 "Fossil" by Björn "Captain Jack Sparrow"/Habermann, Ginsheim/Germany
Jammer Old School

1 „El Nagual“ by Roland Hirschmann, Leibnitz/Austria
2 "46 Knuckle" by Boccin Custom Bikes, Eraclea/Italy
3 "Brown Sugar" by Cristian Gietl/Gietl Bikes, Wernberg-Köblitz/Germany
RevTech Performance

1 "199 R Carbon" by ASB - Asso Special Bike, Carlo Colombo
2 "Made of Steel" by Black Steel Choppers, Samovia/Slovakia
3 "La Vida Loca" by South Side Style Custombikes, Teisendorf/Germany
Modified Harley Class

1 "Jagged Rocker" by Thunderbike; Hamminkeln/Germany
2 "Harley-Dyna" by Lycan Customs, Dubai/United Arab Emirates
3 "Polaris" byPolar Cycles, Harworth/Doncaster/England
Championship Class

1 "Stick 52" by Michael Naumann, Rees/Germany
2 (No Name) by Martin Binder/13 Manufacture, Sonnenbühl/Germany
3 "Lokomotiva" by Ales Ravnikar/Dreamachines Motorcycles, Ljubljana-Šmartno/Slovenia

         Thanks to CCE and see you next year at Faak!











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