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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Vehikel Oldtimer Market Utrecht

Vehikel, Holland’s oldest, biggest Oldtimer Market in Utrecht.

The Veemarkthallen (Cattle Market Halls) were filled during last weekend’s Vehikel Oldtimer Markt (yep, you guessed it right, that’s sort of slang Dutch for Vehicle Oldtimer Market) with antique bikes, parts, accessories, Oldtimer memorabilia, books, documentation, tools, scale models, and loads of ‘non-definable’ old ‘things’.

Two interesting cars, a ‘Stang and a Chevy side-step Pick-up truck were the only ones in the hall were the cars and mopeds were that grabber my attention, the other cars being boring four wheeled cages. In the other Hall the motorcycle stuff was to be found. Mostly from British origin and some German BMW’s and French bikes showed up. Just a few H-D and/or Indian related stands on site had some parts and documentation for sale.

Vehikel is a small-scale enterprise that organizes Classic Car & Motorcycle shows since 1981. Organizer Frits de Graaf explains; “At the time we travelled all over Europe participating in all kinds of ‘Classic’ events, thinking up Vehikel with the prank "Let's organize one ourselves so we can be home at least one weekend a year".

Frits de Graaf (photo copyright and courtesy of Vehikel)
After some years of plenty of fun and mistakes Vehikel started to pick up speed, particularly after our move from wacky halls to the Royal Dutch Fairs. A culture shock to both parties, this nevertheless worked out quite well. Around 1990 Vehikel had arrived at a size which made it very hard for me to do Vehikel, practice my job at the University of Utrecht and also find time for other essentials of life. After I quit from my legal profession Vehikel really snowballed for some years to its present size and also grew more professional, more of a business too.”

The average age of the visitors? Mmmh, let me guess, just over sixty, but it might be a tad older too… Old man, who were racers in their young days, people who worked at bike shops as a mechanic, former owners of bike shops, all kind of motorcycle enthusiasts looking for that one, missing part, came to Vehikel in Utrecht, right in the centre of The Netherlands. 16.000 square meters Oldtimer fun with greasy food and beers keep most people happy for at least one day, some even come back the next day. Vehikel is being organized three times a year, with the ‘August Edition’ being the biggest one when not only the two main halls are full, also the largest part of the huge parking are an outdoor market. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at Vehikel, forget it. It’s the biggest one in the Benelux and surely is one of the biggest in Europe.  

Maybe even more important, the Vehikel Oldtimer Market acts like a reunion for many visitors. Catching up with the latest news and gossip, it’s good fun just to hear the oldtimers talk about their days in motorcycling history long gone by. And that alone makes it worth going to the Vehikel Oldtimer Market in Utrecht!   

The next Edition of Vehikel Oldtimer Beurs will be from March 30th – April 01st 2012.
Location at the Veemarkthallen in Utrecht.   
For info check www.vehikel.nl  more photo's soon on my website http://www.madnessphotography.nl/

Need a carb?
Famous Wall of death rider Henny Kroeze
Nicest H-D at Vehikel
"I want it!" "No I want it, give it to me!"
Benelli Sei.
The owner must have been thinking; 'What if I find some nice parts?
Should I take the trailer with me?'
Dark clouds couldn't scare the real bikers off

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