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Friday, 27 March 2015


Following the development, building, opening and “internal“ opening of the new Grolsheim/Germany based logistics, distribution and education center of CUSTOM CHROME EUROPE, the CCE dealers had the chance to visit the new facility and party with CCE on March 21st 2015.

This feature allows you to "peek“ inside the halls of the fully operational CCE warehouse, as of today probably the largest warehouse in Europe, dedicated exclusively to the needs of servicing and customizing American-made V-Twin motorcycles! "Behind the scenes“ images of the warehouse tour and the party are supported by a first glimpse on the new BOAR custombikes!
With the introduction (and studio-shootings performed the very same weekend during the “Open House“ day) of the 2015 “Bolt On and Ride“ Custombikes, more CCE features are soon to follow.

& 2015 „Bolt On and Ride“ Bike Premiere!

Almost to the day one year after the big “move“ from Bad Kreuznach to Grolsheim – less than 10 km on the road and even less distance in direct line – Custom Chrome Europe invited all CCE dealers to get their own impressions from what is most probably the biggest “V-Twin only“ dedicated warehouse in Europe to serve the Custombike and Harley-Davidson scene. As a distinctive combination of information and entertainment, Saturday, March 21st saw quite a huge crowd descending on the Grolsheim logistics and education center of CCE. 

The weekend saw the introduction of the new 2015 “Bolt On and Ride“ motorcycles, PLUS the 2015 catalog PLUS the launch of the new designed CCE website, which is streamlining the sales efforts of Custom Chrome Europe for the 2015 spring season...

The roar of the 2015 “Bolt on and Ride“ bikes was heard all over the event site of the “Open House“ which introduced the 2013/14 planned and built warehouse and education center in Grolsheim near Bingen/Germany. “Now working under “full power“ in the busiest season, we decided that this would be the best date to introduce our facility to our dealers“, states Custom Chrome Europe Managing Director Andreas Scholz, “along with our, catalog 2015 BOAR custombikes and the new Website.“ Soon to be followed by a sophisticated seminar program to educate CCE dealers on the challenges from the latest HD model changes. 

CCE‘s target is not just to sell the parts but to take on the challenges presented by an ever-more complicated combination of model-changes and variations, overlapping with demanding installation/homologation issues that force the need to keep the dealers aware and up-to-date on new technologies. 

While the packed afternoon program of guided tours, product and bike presentations and entertainment left little room for pause, the evening party was opened by the Austrian exhaust specialist BSL who grilled “Krainer Sausages“ on his very own barbecue booth that introduced his exhausts and Swiss-based PM Custom-Victory‘s.

While “custom-talk“ lasted all through the coffee and dinner-time, the live-acts started with lifestyle-artist “Rocco Recycle“ and “Two Trax“, both rocking the house. Music top act “Ruby Shock“ will make a stand in one of CCE‘s upcoming projects later this spring: Not all projects were presented at this “Open House“, but the attending dealers – several times the orders for drinks and food had to be upgraded in the weeks and days before the event – left with a precisely defined impression what Custom Chrome Europe is able to deliver with this new Logistics Center. And believe it: They are determined to deliver!

Text & Fotos: HRF 

NEW WEBSITE: www.Custom-Chrome-Europe.com


Custom Chrome Europe’s new warehouse has been operational since July 2014. Barely half a year after beginning the construction, which started in earnest 8 weeks after Custom Chrome Europe’s own ceremony on July 23rd 2013. Since then, CCE’s new warehouse in Grolsheim, Germany, has been “on duty“ for service, but only now, with the shelves filled to maximum performance, CCE dealer from all over Europe were invited to have a look inside! Short and sweet, here are some basic numbers and facts on one of the most ambitious projects the European Custom Scene has witnessed so far, for this might be one of the biggest warehouses dedicated to V-Twin motorcycle parts ONLY! 

Location: Grolsheim, Germany, directly beside Autobahn triangle BINGEN A61/A60
Ground: 15.000 square meters
Size: 5.000 square meters storage space (+ 1.200 square meters offices in a separate 3 floors building)
Volume: 62.500 Cubic Meters, doubled compared to old warehouse, thanks to height of building
Products: Approx. 30.000 articles of the finest European and International Custom Part
Distribution: Europe-wide
Service: Overnight shipping to most European Countries, for incoming orders before 4:30 pm!
Personnel: 54 on duty in Grolsheim
Additional features: State-of-the-art equipped seminar room with optional workshop attached

Andreas Scholz welcomes visitors from all over Europe at the 2015 “Open House“ introduction of the new CCE Warehouse in Grolsheim

Andreas Scholz leads a guided tour through the massive warehouse storage area, 
ready to serve the V-Twin market. 

One of the visiting groups on their tour passed through the “Motographer“ photo studio setup which was performing the studio and model shots of the 2015 “Bolt On and Ride“ bikes while the event was going on. CCE-Movie star and model Veronica was “on duty“ with Thunderbike‘s “Slim Jim“ Softail. 

The 45th edition catalog arrived in time for the spring season. 

Andreas Scholz watching the crowd waiting for the seminars and guided tours around the warehouse.  

The 2015 “Bolt On and Ride“ bike premiere presented again five top Custombikes, built by Thunderbike, Harley-Factory Frankfurt and “new“ BOAR-builders TTS, TGS and JB Motorcycles! Christian Denstedt and the builders present introduced the new bikes which have showbike qualities!

More than 400 dealers and CCE representatives used the opportunity to visit the event and see the new warehouse...

...in Grolsheim near Bingen. Although weather conditions were on the cold side, attention was considerable! Aykut Tartaroglu (TOP) of AT American Cycles was one of the top customizers that came from all over Europe to have a “guided tour“ and talk business with their sales representatives. 

“Ruby Shock“ in action at the CCE “Open House“ party – the German band rocked the audience to the core! The party entertainment included “Rocco Recycle“, “Two Trax“ and “Ruby Shock“, adding up to almost 5 hours of “live“ music when the “Infotainement“ part of the event was over. Rumors have it, that the party continued into the early morning hours...

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