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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show

December 2015, 24th edition Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show, Yokohama/Japan

Text & Photos: Jeremie di Stefano 

'Custom Crazy' would be the right words for Japanese Hot Rod and Harley-Riders – if you ever have been in Japan, you know everything is extreme – 
and so is the Yokohama-based Hot Rod Custom Show.

650 Show Bikes, 300 Show Cars, 270 vendor booths, 250 media participants 15,000 spectators (including over 1,500 from overseas) and only 9 hours to discover it : That´s the Hot Rod Custom Show in Yokohama! Mayhem for visiting and never ever enough time to see it all!

Going to the HRCS is first going to Japan and that’s already a really nice experience. Even if Tokyo is the biggest city in the world with almost 40 million people, the Pacifico Hall in Yokohama, where the HRCS takes place, is pretty easy to reach from the airport. Yokohama
was the main harbour of Tokyo and today's cities are intertwined and not to be separated. 

A visit to the show has to be carefully planned! Don’t be late: the show opens at 8.00 am and a crowd is already waiting in front of the gate. Once in the hall, get ready to admire probably the best of what the Custom World  can offer. In a split second you switch from a Chopper to a beauty of racer while your eyes catch an incredible Hot Rod standing behind it. 

Anybody who has seen the level of detail and craftsmanship that goes into the Japanese-built customs knows that a visit to any Japanese bike show can only be a complete 'overkill' of impressions, only possible to catch with Megabytes of digital images to check them out later!

The show gives you the opportunity to meet many majors Custom actors from Japan of course, but also from the USA; the winners of the last Born Free were HRCS’s guests. The images give only the slightest idea of what is happening at Yokohama, since it is impossible to catch it all! 

The show would have to last a week – and that is impossible for most Japanese builders. But that should not stop you from visiting this awesome show! What to do? Book your flight and let’s go to the 25th edition in december 2016! Celebrating a quarter of a century is probably going to be the biggest ever!

750 Street by Cherry's Company.

Yes! It's a Street! 

Porsche 356 by Anastasi.
Rodding Power: Hot Rod Porsche!

Digger by Indian Orange.
Digger Style by 'Indian Orange'

Best Model by My Kudo.
Handcrafted scale model! Check out the superb spoke wheels!

Best of Show by Out Cast.
Awesome craftsmenship!

Shiun Craft Works 1974 Ironhead.
The Ironhead Sportster, a favorite base for customizing.

Arie Van Schyndel.
Seventies Style in perfection!

Pick Up Deluxe.
Not all projects get finished! The completed setup maybe next year?

Jeff Decker.
World famous Bronce Sculptor Jeff Decker is a well known exhibitor at Yokohama!

New market for motor oil: Rockabilly hairstyle the Japanese way...

The 3 Graces.
Don't say Japanese girls don't know how to dress to thrill!

Special thanks to Jeremie di Stefano for Text & Photos of the 24th edition Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show, 
Yokohama - Japan 2015

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