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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Bigtwin Bikeshow 2012 Results

Bigtwin Bikeshow & Dealer Expo 2012

Bigtwin Bike Show
at the 21st Bigtwin Bikeshow & Dealer Expo, organized by leading Dutch custom bike magazine Bigtwin.

Bigtwin Bikeshow 2012 Winners!

1st Place, Congratulations to Vic & Lin, Destiny Cycles!

The Bikeshow was international with winners coming from England, Germany, the Chech Republic and The Netherlands. The jury was just as international: Cory Ness (Arlen Ness Enterprises), Kenji Nagai (Cycle Craft), Barry (Motortechnica-Belgium) and freelance reporters/photographers Horst Rösler (‘Motographer’-Germany) and Onno “Berserk” Wieringa (Madness Photography-The Netherlands).

The jury; Onno, Barry, Kenji, Horst and Cory

Bigtwin Magazine is focused on the real riders, bikers that design and build their own bikes, any make, any model, any budget, and that clearly reflects the show. It's not only the high-end bikes and parts that make it to the Autotron in Rosmalen in The Netherlands, the home-build, low-budget bikes build in garages and small workshops are there too, to show people what can be made out of cheap bikes with average tools. But also the professional bike builders came to show their newest creations. The level of craftsmanship was extremly high this year, it seems as the bike industry is slowly picking up again, people are more enthousiastic than the past few years and that reflects in a bike show with the coolest bikes you could wish for. European styling is different to the American; the bikes overhere are build for riding in the first place, more bits & pieces are handmade and designs differ from the sometimes 'over the top' (catalog) custom bikes that are so common in the USA. This year the Bigtwin Bikeshow & Dealer Expo saw over 100 custom bikes in the show, coming from all over Europe.

Sponsored by Zodiac International, Harrison Billet, JR Promotions/WCC and Vulcanet, there's some serious money to be won, together with nice goodies. The total amount of 6000,00 Euro's in hard cash was the prize money to be devided by the top six in the Bigtwin Bikeshow.
There was just one class to compete in. Only 6 prizes. Looking for home-made parts, well engineered bikes, unique designs, craftsmanship, outstanding paint jobs and of course the nice details that makes a bike stand out, were the most important things the jury focused on  while judging the bikes. Not an easy job, but when comparing the results, there were only 9 bikes in the lists to be found, which means the jury members picked out almost the same bikes. After a short discussion it was clear who the winners are:

1ste Place and No doubt the winner; Destiny Cycles’ beautiful, well engineered and astounishing bike in seventies Panhead chopper in Swedish style. A paint job that’s breathtaking and details that keep your eyes glued to this bike makes it the coolest bike in the show. Vic, owner of Destiny Cycles built the bike and proudly he received the biggest trophy, 2000,00 Euro’s, a 500,00 Euro Harrison Billet Brakes Voucher and  the Vulcanet Bike Cleaning Package and a WCC jacket.
2nd Place: German builder Michael Naumann was more than happy; ending as runner-up with his  clean, slim, big 26 inch wheeled Knucklehead. With 1500 Euro’s in cash, a Vulcanet package and  WCC jacket to take home.
Young Dutch bike builder Paul van der Gullik ended on the third spot. His nicely, well detailed bike with Sportster engine was appriciated by the jury for it’s clean lines and the many selfmade parts. He won 1000 Euro’s, the Vulcanet Package and a WCC jacket.
Fourth Place was for Lamb Engineering, Larry Houghton, from England with his superb JAP engined, clean bike. He won 750,00 Euro’s, the Valcanet Package and a WCC jacket.
Fifth place was for Dutch builder Piet Smit with his rather extreme 'Olympic' bike, that has an unusal but very attractive frame with round swooping round lines, built around a Royal Enfield engine. He won 500,00 Euro’s, a Vulcanet Package and a WCC jacket.

The sixth place: Bike Builder Slaba Milan, coming from the Czech Republic, won 250,00 euro’s with his MS Tuning Buell engined Snake Bike with, amongst many other parts, home-made frame. He also won a Vulcanet Bike Cleaning package and a WCC jacket too.











That's All Folks, Start Building Your Custom Bike For Next Year's Bigtwin Bike Show!
With special THANKS to sponsors Zodiac, JR Promotions/WCC, Harrison Billet, Vulcanet and of course to all the bike builders!

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