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Friday, 19 December 2014

2014 Essen Motor Show: 352,000 Performance Fans Went to Messe Essen

352,000 Performance Fans Went to Messe Essen 
for the 2014 Essen Motor Show 

Number of Visitors Remained Constant on a High Level - Sector Made a Positive Assessment 

The Essen Motor Show is Germany's car fair with the highest number of visitors this year: Around 352,000 visitors came to Messe Essen from November 28 to December 7. In the Ruhr metropolis, the air was filled with the smell of petrol and no end of passion. However, Europe's leading fair for performance vehicles not only aroused the enthusiasm of the visitors but also ensured that the exhibitors had satisfied faces. The companies and the associations once more rated the volume of visitors and their business success as considerably better than in the past years. In this respect, vehicle tuning and motorsport were the preferred interests of the fans. 

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This year's Essen Motor Show was again characterised by the industry to a greater extent: Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot and Skoda used the fair for unveiling and premiere events with new vehicles and BMW exclusively displayed new accessories in Essen. "The status of the Essen Motor Show in the automobile industry is growing even further. That is being shown not only
by the premieres but also by the enlarged booth areas and high-quality appearances of the manufacturers and the tuning firms. Over 80 percent of the exhibitors were thoroughly satisfied with the volume of visitors on their booths," Oliver P. Kuhrt, CEO of Messe Essen, commented on the outcome. 

Although for the motorcycle fans it was rather disapointing, the PS Speed Show was made out of just a few bikes, the usual 'Motorcycle Hall'was almost empty... Just a few interesting bikes were there, hardly any custom bikes. Some cool scooters were on display, including a lot of interesting high speed dragracing scooters! For custom car lovers there was the Street Machine show and in the corridor the Hot Rods made a nice show, and that was... it. So hopefully next year's Motor Show Essen will have the show bikes back again on stage, please!  

More Than Half of the Visitors Bought or Ordered Something 

According to a survey, even 88 percent of the exhibitors rated the numerical volume of visitors at the entire fair as positive, nearly nine percent more than in the past year. The reason for the perceived plus with regard to the guests: "We have been able to substantially improve the visitor guidance and the attractiveness of individual halls. Solely in Hall 3 with the automobile manufacturers and Hall 12 with the special show about tuning, we have once more taken a great step forwards. The visitors walk into the fair there and experience a wow effect," Marcel Gockeln, Project Leader of the Essen Motor Show, described the entry into the car paradise. 

"And it does not remain just with amazement: More than half bought or ordered something," continued Gockeln. That does not include the post-fair business. The exhibitors are optimistic here, too: On the basis of the discussions held, over three quarters estimated their chances of selling something afterwards as positive. In Essen, supply and demand obviously coincide as an exact match: Almost all the exhibitors stated that they had reached their target groups at the fair. There is a correspondingly great willingness to participate in the fair in the future, as well: 88 percent of the exhibitors want to come again, i.e. nine percent more than in 2013. 

The Fans Like: Tuning, Racing, Celebrities - and the Essen Motor Show Experience 

In this case, the hearts of the wooed visitors to the fair beat for vehicle tuning and motorsport in particular, closely followed by accessories and series vehicles. Asked about the reasons for their visits, over one third answered: "The Essen Motor Show is something different for once, an experience." After all, more than a quarter of them come to Essen in order to see premieres. Moreover, the special shows were very popular this year, too, above all the tuningXperience with over 100 private tuning vehicles from all over Europe and the DMAX Motorsport Arena. Just like the exhibitors, around 90 percent of the visitors want to come again. 

Numerous celebrity racing drivers rubbed shoulders with their fans in Essen this year, as well: The Formula 1 drivers Nico Hülkenberg and Heinz-Harald Frentzen offered anecdotes from the pit lane, the DTM Champion Marco Wittmann wrote autographs and the racing legend Hans-Joachim Stuck did not miss the opportunity to visit the fair either. Furthermore, the guests in Essen on the Preview Day included the Mercedes-Benz Motorsport Director Toto Wolff and his predecessor Norbert Haug. The latter was honoured with the "Golden Racing Driver's Shoe" within the framework of the Essen Motor Show. 

The Show Must Go On: The Essen Motor Show 2015 

The Essen Motor Show is Europe's leading fair for performance vehicles and Germany's annually staged automobile fair with the highest number of visitors. In the coming year, over 500 exhibitors will again present performance series vehicles, tuning, motorsport, classic cars and motorbikes at Messe Essen. The next Essen Motor Show will be open from November 28 to December 6, 2015. An exclusive Preview Day will already take place on November 27. 


More (250) photo's of the Essen Motor Show 2014 on our website www.madnessphotography.nl - Photo Galleries 2014

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