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Monday, 2 November 2015

Road Trip USA 2015 - Adventure, The Open Road. Thousends of Miles.

Road Trip USA 2015

Adventure, The Open Road.
Thousends of miles to be ridden. 
We did it again. One of our most memorable Road Trips ever. 

Me and my buddy G-Rat on our bikes, A Cross Bones with TimeOut Trailer and a Fat Bob.  
We started of in South Dakota for Sturgis Bike Week. Riding in the Black Hills, seeing beautiful South Dakota. heading fro Iowa, with many detours. Visiting friends along the way, like Klock Werks in Mitchell, where we went to see the Corn Palace and Prehistoric Indian Village too. Through Nebraska with it's wide open country. Crossing Iowa with in the middle of the millions and millions of acres of corn the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa. Crossing big rivers like the Missouri, riding endless roads in the sun, 
from one gas station to the next. 
Here's a small compilation of the Road Trip as we experienced it.
(photo's by Onno and G-Rat)

Me and good friend Richie, riding in Sturgis

Packed up and ready to leave Sturgis. 
And Yes, I did carry a lot of shit...

The usual stuff for being On The Road for a long time is on the bike, 
all the camera's and equipment in the very handy TimeOut Trailer

Worlds Smallest Biker Bar, New Underwood, SD

Time stood still in Union City, SD 

So you don't want to marry me, Laura? 
Then shoot me Baby!

And there I was, on my way to heaven... 
Well, it came close, as we were heading for the Chopper Exhibition 
in the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, IA. 

Jamie and me in 'Food & Fuel' in Midland

Stroppel Hotel in Midland

Yep, it was hot!

Shannon fueling up her pick-up truck

Feeling small...

Feeling free...

Trains, trains....

The road waits for us

Sunny day, Sunny face, Sun flowers

The endless prairies

The Oahe Dam, North of Pierre, SD

We did a tour around and through Pierre,SD

Trains, trains... Pierre, SD

Lunch at Perkins in Pierre, SD

Sara, Remid and another waitress at Perkins, Pierre, SD

Holabird, SD

Visit at Klock Werks, Mitchell, SD. See all the photography and read the article on 
www.madnessphotography.nl - 'Event Reports'

I had the honor to ride Klock Werks'newest Bagger, an H-D Road Glide
See all the photography at www.madnessphotography.nl

Visiting the World's Only Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD. 
See all the photography and read the article on 
www.madnessphotography.nl - 'Event Reports'

Visiting the PreHistoric Indian Village in Mitchell, SD. 
See all the photography and read the article on 
www.madnessphotography.nl - 'Event Reports'

Don't we all love Bunny's?! Mitchell, SD

Present for my friend 'Indian' Tony' Leenes?!

Leaving Mitchell, SD, home of the Corn Palace, 
'HornyCorny' rides with me on the handlebars. 

Entering Nebraska; helmets on!

Gravins Point Dam, Yankton, NE

License plate and tattoo have matching numbers

Amanda, Super8 in Norfolk, NE

Where do we go to today? With a little help of our Garmin GPS.

We've visited a lot of H-D dealerships and motorcycle shops on the way.
Here at Columbus H-D in Nebraska

We were there!

Next generation biker

Riding to the south, crossing the Missouri, Nebraska to Iowa

No fun at all, riding the Interstates. Here we are nearing Omaha, IA

at Holstein's H-D, Omaha IA.

Lunch at Cubby's in Red Oak, IA, where BilliJo served us a nice meal

Loess Hills H-D, Creston, Union County, IA

A piece of History!

Loess Hills H-D, Creston, Union County, IA

Super8, Creston IA, Katie needs help! 

Philips 66 Gas Station in Creston, Union County, IA

Freedom Rock by artist Ray "Bubba" Sorensen II
Creston, IA

Chariton, IA

Sportsman Bar in Chariton, IA. 

John's Barber Shop in Chariton, IA

Me, getting a haircut (a what?!?) at John's Barber Shop

Jeremy and his beautiful truck, 
check out the special paint and his love for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles!

C&C Motorcycles in Chariton, IA

Bob, the owner of C&C Motorcycles welcomed us

Part of the showroom at C&C Motorcycles

Bob, owner of C&C Motorcycles in Chariton, IA

Nextdoor neighbour is his son, with his business Fat Baggers Inc.

Fat Baggers Inc. Showroom

A rather 'rich' lunch at Saints

Saints' waitresses in Ottumwa, IA

And this is Val, riding the scooter 
her youngest sister got today for her birthday
Sigourney, IA

How ironic, 'Sparkling Snow' truck passes me, and it's over 100 Degrees

Somewhere in Iowa


Sometimes you see the coolest things in somebody's yard. 
This time a noticed an old train, so I turned around, and looked for the owner. 
He was working on his 327 Chevy Impala Super Sport when I parked my bike and asked him permission to take a look. It was Chris, a very fanatic train collector. No toys, but the real thing! He gave me the grand tour on his property, trains everywhere and old cars too. 
How did they get here? Chris, laughing; "It took a big crane and some serious semi trucks!"
Ain't that cool?! Michele, his wife came home and it was good fun! 
We had a long talk, a drink and he let me sit in one of his trains, 
used for maintanance on the tracks and explained me everything about it. 
Being a train afficionado myself, I felt honored to have met these people and with a big Thanks! I left, and went all the way to.... his neighbor! 
Where they Chris and Michele introduced me to Steve Clabough, a drag racer!

Steve, (blue hat) sold his race car, a Chevrolet Nova SS many, many years ago. 
Recently he tracked it down, had a word with the owner bought it back! Steve is rebuilding it completely and plans to race it next year!

Anamosa, almost there...

And yes, we made it to the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, IA!

More about our visit to the National Motorcycle Museum later.

Onno “Berserk” Wieringa - Photo’s Onno & G-Rat
Special Thanks to the City of  Sturgis, The Buffalo Chip, 
John Parham (National MC Museum Anamosa, IA)
and Richie & Donna for all your help, kindness and hospitality!

Please check out the 3.500 photo's we made 
on our USA Sturgis to Anamosa Road Trip 2015 
on www.madnessphotography.nl  Photo Galleries 2015

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