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Friday, 23 September 2011

European Bike Week Faak 2011 – Custom Chrome Europe CCE Custom Bike Show Arneitz

European Bike Week Faak 2011 – Custom Chrome Europe CCE Custom Bike Show Arneitz

Show, Stage and Studio Photography by Onno “Berserk” Wieringa

Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series Ride-In-Bike-Show Faak 2011

Saturday, September 10th: The 9th annual Custom Chrome Europe Ride-In-Bike-Show Faak 2011 at Lake Faak in Austria, held on Saturday of the European Bike Week, saw again some of the best bikes of European Bike Week!

For years, the winners of the Faak ‘Ride In’ bike show have made magazine covers: Fred Kodlin’s ‘Guilty’ of 2006 and AT Cycles’ ‘Stage II’ and Garage 65’s spectacular ‘Kosmo Drive’ are well remembered examples. Again, the location was the ‘Mainstreet’ of the Arneitz-Custom-Show; weather-proof and close to the stage-program, stunt shows and restaurants. The promise of this year´s 'Arneitz-Custom-Show' organizers was fulfilled: To raise the bar and move the well established Arneitz customizer mile onto a new level! 

Every participant was welcome, the bikes were judged by a highly specialized jury, with over  ten members; all members of the press and custombike-specialists. The Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series premiered at Faak last year in 2010. The same class definitions will be adapted, yet the popular ‘Ride-In’ categories will be retained to allow the participants to win as many trophies as possible! Classes are: Championship, Modified Harley , Jammer Old School, RevTech-Performance, Chopper, Bagger and Sportster-Engine.

The entry for the bike show opened at ‘High Noon’ on Saturday after the Parade, judgment  started at 3 p.m. and at 5.00 p.m. the trophies were handed out. The term ‘Ride-In’ had to be taken literally: Only bikes that were ridden into the event area were allowed to enter the CCE Custom Bike Show Arneitz! 

Full Throttle is the rule rather than the exception for customparts market leader Custom Chrome Europe at the European Bike Week! With HUGE Burn-Outs some winners came to collect their well deserved trophies. The CCE Management was there to hand out the trophies; Andreas Scholz, General Manager, Axel Scherer, Marketing Manager and CCE Sales Team representatives. The DHL-girls were there to compensate for the looks of the CCE-Crew…

Sportster Engine Class
Third Pace – Müller Motorcycles
Second place – Wannabee Choppers
First place – Manuel Allersburg

Bagger Class
Third Place – Herst Flad
Second place – Rene Seitner
First place - Mickey

Chopper Class
Third Place – Herfried Diex
Second place – Andres Bergerforth
First place – Harry Girsch

Jammer Old School Class
Third Place – Horst Maurer
Second place – Independent Choppers
First place – Uwe Ehlings

Rev Tech Performance Class
Third Place – Radek Vrana
Second place – Black Steel Choppers
First place – Asso Special Bike

Modified H-D Class
Third Place – Oli Schulze
Second place – Holger Schnell
First place – AT American Cycles

Championship Class
Third Place – Mirko Perugini
Second place – Samuele Reali
First place – Mario Kyprianicles

Special thanks to: Horst Roessler, Frank Sander, the whole CCE team, Arneitz, DHL, and all the bike show participants of the Custom Chrome Europe Ride-In-Bike-Show, Faak 2011!

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