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Friday, 23 September 2011

European Bike Week Faak 2011 – Harley-Davidson / AMD Custom Bike Show

European Bike Week Faak 2011 – Harley-Davidson / AMD Custom Bike Show

Show, Studio & Stage Photography by Onno "Berserk" Wieringa

World-class Custom Bikes!

The Customiser Area in the Harley Village once again staged the world-class AMD Affiliated custom bike show, attracting some of the most incredible custom bikes in the world.
More than 120 beautiful customised motorcycles were brought to this year's custom bike show, travelling from as far as Kuwait, Czech Republic, Slovenia and the UK as well as Austria's neighboring countries.
The standard of bikes continues to wow the crowds and judges alike - a standard that saw the antique motorcycle and sidecar 'Union', by Samuele Reali from Abnormal Cycles in Italy - the current World Champion of Custom Building - take second place in the Antique category; Dream Machine Motorcycles from Slovenia once again took the first place in the Radical category as well as Best in Show with their stunning Akrapovic bike Morsus; and popular German custom bike builders Thunderbike, took second places in the Custom and Big Twin categories.
"The overall standard of bikes was very, very high," according to Robin Bradley from AMD, "making the judging very tricky in many of the categories, as there were so many worthy contenders." Robin presented the prestigious prize for the Best Modified Harley - a trip to Sturgis in 2012 to compete at the World Championships, plus, a Screamin' Eagle race engine! This year, the prize went to Uwe Ehinger from Germany with his immaculately restored rare vintage race WL.

As the sun set on another exceptional show, we applaud the worthy winners...


First place - Fritz Dietl, Germany

Second place - Bri Dickinson, UK


First place - Alberty Albert, Luxembourg

Second place - Flad Herst, Germany


First place - Jan Sklenika, Czech Republic

Second place - Patricia Schister, Germany


First place - Ricky de Haas, Germany

Second place - Bachli, Switzerland

Ladies of Harley

First place - Flad Herst, Germany

Second place - Tatiana Schnell, Germany

Big Twin

First place - AT American Cycles, Germany

Second place - Andreas Bergerforth, Thunderbike, Germany


First place - Holfer Schnell, Germany

Second place - Fawaz Alsalem, Kuwait


First place - Milan Slatsa, Czech Republic

Second place - Andreas Bergerforth, Thunderbike, Germany


First place - 'Morsus', Akrapovic, Dream Machine Motorcycles, Slovenia

Second place - Muhannad Al-Mansouri, Kuwait


First place - Uwe Ehinger, Germany

Second place - 'Union', Samuele Reali, Abnormal Cycles, Italy

Best in Show 

'Morsus', Akrapovic, Dream Machine Motorcycles, Slovenia

Best Modified Harley

Uwe Ehinger, Germany, race WL

People's Choice

Harry Giersch

Our thanks to Frank Sander and Harley-Davidson's Managing Director, EMEA, Rob Lindley, for conducting the presentation.

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