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Thursday, 17 July 2014

European Hot Rod & Custom Show, Chimay 2014

European Hot Rod & Custom Show, Chimay 2014

Rods & Bikes. Rain & Mud. Although the rain came pouring down during most of the weekend of the European Hot Rod & Custom Show, the only thing that had to be cancelled was dragracing on the track of Chimay, where the show was located.

It seemed as nobody bothered about the rain and everybody was having a good time. Not only the racers, hotrodders and all the vendors, but even the public that showed up  in big numbers, had the time of their life!

In the big party tents the bands played, the swap meet and market showed lots of nice stuff, food en drinks were available and one of the main attrations was Jan Laurens’ Wall of Death; Sala Motodrome. With old Indians they played with gravity and some very tricky stunts amazed the public. Blindfolded on his ’24 600cc Indian Scout, rider Durk Miedema raced around, Jan Laurens, aboard his ’25 600cc Indian Scout raced in the Wall of Death with both his legs at one time on the left side of his bike, and at one point even both his legs on the right side of his Indian. With his back facing the ground, a stunt only true Wall of Death riders can do! An incredible thing, the Wall of Death is something unbelievable, the smell of old bikes, the noise, the show, the feel, the whole experience is unique!

On the campgrounds of the European Hot Rod & Custom Show in Chimay, located in the south of Belgium, right on the border with France,  many nice cars and bikes stood waiting in the rain for action, and at one point, nobody seemed to care about the rain anymore and just like kids, playing and riding in the mud was the thing to do! Huge sprays of mud came flying from the wheels, spinning and sliding on the wet grass and through the deep puddles was the playground for many. Visitors came from many countries all over Europe and the coolest cars and bikes were on display and seen in action! Everybody loved it and the parties continued ‘till early in the morning.

The European Hot Rod & Custom Show was great, the atmosphere, the cool cars and bikes, the Music and of course the people who came made for one of the nicest and coolest events. Every second year the European Hot Rod & Custom Show is being organized and it’s a pity we have to wait onther two years for the next one. Thumbs up and a big THANKS for the Organisation of the European Hot Rod & Custom Show!

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