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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Corn Palace Mitchell, SD

World's Only Corn Palace
Mitchell, SD

Corn Palace? What? Why? 
Well, when we tell you that whisky was made out of corn, 
that the Corn Palace works close together with Klock Werks Custom Motorcycles 
and that the HOT BIKE TOUR was at the Corn Palce,
it makes a lot more sence, right?!
And when you see my good friend Katie Knudson, director of the Corn Palace, 
you'll understand why we love to go to the Palace whenever we are in Mitchell, SD!

Katie Knudson, Director of the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD and me

"For over 120 years, the World’s Only Corn Palace 
has attracted the unusual, the notable, and the road-weary. 
This year, this whimsical building will undergo a royal transformation before your very eyes!

In addition to the annual redecorating, parts of the Palace will be under corn-struction while we work to bring an even greater experience for you to visit. New ear-chitecture, new interactive exhibits, and a new, welcoming design will make the Corn Palace more exciting than ever. The theme of 2015 is “South Dakota’s 125th”.

The remodel of the Corn Palace will feature larger exterior murals, new sign, custom-designed light-up domes, and a walk-out balcony – and that’s just on the outside! On the interior, you will be greeted with a new grand entry and lobby and a redesigned box office. For the first time in decades, you will also be invited to the second floor of the Corn Palace where you will find a
beautiful Oscar Howe exhibit space and access to the front balcony."

Check out the photo's and enjoy!

Mitchell Corn Palace  604 North Main Street, Mitchell, South Dakota  
Phone 605-995-8430  www.cornpalace.com

Entrance hall

Upstairs,new exhibit space

Katie on the front balcony, overlooking Mitchell, SD

Farmers equipment

Many, many old photo's on the walls, 
showing the history of America's Corn Palaces

Corn balls being made, a sweet candy

Horst disguised as corn

Horst enjoying a big bag of corn

We love it when Katie gives us presents!

Impressive building

Maintanance is hard labour, 
a team of corn specialists is working hard to keep the Corn Palace in good shape

Yes, all the murals are made of corn!

Entrance sign

Gift shop

Corn pigs!

OH yes, I had to buy some stuff!

Horst, Katie and me

'HornyCorny' came to travel with us on our Road Trip!

Mitchell Corn Palace  604 North Main Street, Mitchell, South Dakota  
Phone 605-995-8430  www.cornpalace.com

Onno “Berserk” Wieringa - Photo’s Onno, G-Rat and Horst
Special Thanks to the City of  Sturgis, The Buffalo Chip, 
John Parham (National MC Museum Anamosa, IA)
and Richie & Donna for all your help, kindness and hospitality!

Please check out the 112 photo's we made 
in the World's Only Corn Palace, Mitchell, SD 
on www.madnessphotography.nl  Photo Galleries 2015

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