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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Sturgis Nitro National “Rumble in the Hill” Pro Hill Climb 2015 Buffalo Chip

Nitro National Pro Motorcycle Hill Climb 
Sturgis Rally 2015

Nitro National “Rumble in the Hill” Pro Hill Climb
Nitro-Injected Motorcycle Mayhem at the Chip’s PowerSports Complex Aug. 6 and 7 2015
Arriving at the Buffalo Chip PowerSports Complex, we smelled the oh so addicting smell of nitro burning bikes already. "Experience the earth-shaking rumble of 1250cc Harleys, the haunting howl of high-powered 2-strokes and smell of nitro methane burned by furious four-cylinder open exhibition bikes during the Nitro National Pro Hill Climb! Watch in amazement as custom-built bikes with steel-bolted paddle tires and nitro-injected 200-horsepower engines go flying through the dirt on their way to the top of the Chip’s rugged 300-foot course." was the promising text that got us to the Chip's PowerSports Complex. 

That hill is so steep, it takes a lot of time and effort to walk to the top. Riding it to the top looks even harder. But these guys know what they are doing and shooting their bikes with unbelieveble power up the hill is a stunning sight. Let the photo's do their work - see what impossible manouvres are being made getting to the top!

Onno “Berserk” Wieringa - Photo’s Onno & G-Rat

Special Thanks to the City of Sturgis, The Buffalo Chip, 
John Parham (National MC Museum Anamosa, IA)
and Richie & Donna 
for all your help, kindness and hospitality!

More about Sturgis later !
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