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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Klock Werks, Mitchell, SD.

Visting Klock Werks, Mitchell, SD

On our Road Trip through South Dakota, coming from Sturgis, we stopped at Brina Klock's Klock Werks. We've been good friends since I met Brian and his crew in 2006 at the Biker Build-Off episode when the teams of Michael Prugh/Jesse Jurrens and Marcus Walz competed.

Brian Klock

Showroom of Klock Werks

Custom bike builders, racers,home of the Flared Windshield, Baggers, World's Fastest Bagger.... There's so many activities Klock Werks has put there name to! There's a lot going on at Klock Werks at the moment; their new catalog just came out, there are expanding the Klock Werks building big time and in between everything, they are involved in serious racing, setting record after record and still find time for generous charity! 

World's Fastest Bagger

Just check out the Klock Werks website, and while your there, 
view the new online Klock Werks Catalog,
or download the PDF or have a printed copy send to you. 

Klock Werks Racing Team's Dyna

Turbo on the Dyna

Not only customs, race bikes and baggers, but choppers too at Klock Werks

The famous Klock Werks Flared windshields

Cool bikes in the Klock Werks showroom

Klock Werks showroom

Awards and many articles about Klock Werks in the media

Discussing a custom FXR Bagger Project

Brian Klock in his office

Klock Werks office

Karlee in the office, smiling as always!

Many Klock Werks Parts are available

Adjustable Handlebar

Klock Werks warehouse, already way too small!

Handmade custom parts and bikes

Klock Werks FXR custom bike

Yep, we support Klock Werks!

Various Projects in the Klock Werks Workshop

I was given the opportunity to ride the Klock Werks Hammerhead Road Glide Bagger. 
More about that later.

Me and Brian. Brian presented me the only genuine 'Brian The Bobblehead'!

Klock Werks facilities

Karlee riding the Triumph with sidecar


Klock Werks Bagger

Riding with the Klock Werks Crew through Mitchell, SD

Note our personalised Licens Plates: ONNOS and MAKEL

Klock Werks Custom Motorcycles
915 S Kimball St. Mitchell, SD 57301 USA
+1 605-996-3700

Onno “Berserk” Wieringa - Photo’s Onno, G-Rat and Horst
Special Thanks to the Klock Werks Crew,
John Parham (National MC Museum Anamosa, IA)
and Richie & Donna 
for all your help, kindness and hospitality!

Please check out the 127 photo's we made 
at Klock Werks, Mitchell, SD 
on www.madnessphotography.nl  Photo Galleries 2015

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