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Friday 23 December 2011

Santa's Seventies Harley Chopper

All I want for Christmas....

A beautiful restored seventies chopper and a woman to match...
Read the tale of The Frisco Fucker and Angelina

I woke up early this morning and went to work in my photo studio. Someone very special was to come to have his bike photographed.  Santa Claus himself. ‘A Frisco style early seventies chopper’, he told me. A loud thunder told me he'd arrived. Santa on a bright red Harley-Davidson chopper. Cool as penguin piss. After the usual chit chat I set the lights and started shooting.

 Santa did not want to be in the picture. “Bad hair day” he explained. So I shot his bike, meanwhile talking with the old man, properly dressed in matching red.  “This Harley-Davidson Seventies Chopper has a long history,” Santa Claus explains, “Originally built in the early seventies, this bike has all the features of a chopper from the long gone by years when choppers were real choppers. The original Harley-Davidson frame has been chopped up, just for using the motor and tranny mounts as a base. Back in those years, we didn’t have the money to buy a brand new chopper frame, you see. Lots of stretch and rake is added to accommodate the original AEE Springer front forks, something I’m very proud of.” Stopping power (Santa laughing; ‘ha ha ha’) at the front is an H-D AMF drum brake, fitted nicely into a 21 inch front wheel. At the back a Gold Line Brembo set-up does the serious work, nowadays necessary for riding in modern traffic.

The heart of this bike is true Hot Rod Overkill performance, as was common in the early chopper period. S&S Stroke flywheels, Big Bore cylinders and high compression pistons, Flowed STD Pan/Shovel heads, BUB Performance pipes, Mikuni HSR 45 carburettor, Precision Machining valves, Crane cam and lifters, and a K&N filter are the main ingredients top fuel dragracer and bike mechanic Willem Been used at his shop ‘WB Mechanic’ to build this extreme engine, which has over 100 horse power. Really. At the rear wheel. It’s quite a handful to control, as it pulls wheelies in every gear, without revving it up very high or using the clutch. “Yeah, it has plenty of horsepower to pull my sleigh,” Santa laughs!

Most of the parts used on this bike are genuine seventies chopper parts, some modified, some just as they were. Some parts, like the frame, especially the rear section, had to be strengthened to keep up with the insane amount of power the motor produces. Vintage chopper parts are the frame, wheels, H-D AMF drum brake, Frisco’ed gas tank and of course the beautiful AEE 15 inch overstock Springer forks. Santa; "The name 'Frisco Fucker' is just a nickname. Back in the seventies many people used to say; "Hey, there comes that fast Frisco Chopper, he's a real fucker, keeps fuckin' up bikers who think they've got a fast bike! So soon everybody in town knew that red Frisco style chopper, and just said 'Frisco Fucker' when the bike thundered past them. But I'm getting too old for this shit, so here, take it, it's my Christmas Gift for you! My personal ride, take care of it!" Wow, that's a cool present, something I always wanted for Christmas! Most of the engine is new, as it had done a lot of real hard miles with many wheelies and burn-outs. “And pulling that heavy sleigh didn’t do it good either,” Santa admits. What makes the sleigh so heavy, I wonder? Santa winks and lifts the red blanket. Underneath lays... Angelina! “A gift for you, it comes with the bike!” Now that is just what I always wanted for Christmas too! Angelina just smiles, grabs my hand and whispers; "Call me Angel..." After I caught my breath and my heartbeat came back in its natural rhythm, I thanked Santa and went for a wild ride with the ‘Frisco Fucker’ and Angelina. “Whoo Hoo what a ride!”I screamed from the top of my lungs, shifting through the gears, rubber burning and Angelina holding me tight... And than I woke up, holding a set of pictures in my hands, with on them a beautiful seventies chopper with an even more beautiful Angelina posing on it... Was it all just a dream? I rubbed my eyes, looking around. On the floor lay a small puddle of oil, in the dressing room I found a tiny pair of red panties, smelling like heaven, a telephone number written in it, saying; 'Call me soon, xxx Santa's Angel!' What happened?

                        Anyway; Merry Christmas to you all!    

Tech-Sheet ‘Frisco Fucker’ Pan/Shovel Seventies Chopper

Owner: Santa Claus
Make: H-D chopper
Model: Seventies Chopper

Year: Rebuilt in 1995
Builder: WB Mechanic
Displacement: 103 cubic inches / 1688cc
Cases: H-D, modified Big Bore
Crank: S&S 5 inch Stroker
Pistons: Zodiac Big Bore 3 5/8th
Cylinders: Zodiac Big Bore 3 5/8th
Cylinder heads: STD Shovelhead with Panhead covers. Modified and flowed.
Valves: Precision Machining
Camshaft: Crane
Lifters: Crane
Oil pump: S&S HighFlow
Carburator: Mikuni HSR 45
Air filter: H-D
Ignition: Twin Sparkplugs, Dyna ‘S’ ignition, Dyna twin coils
Exhaust: BUB, modified

Year: 1978
Type: 4-Speed
Clutch: BDL / Zodiac. 4-Stud hub, Barnett clutch plates
Primary drive: Belt
Primary case: Old Style H-D
Final drive: Chain

Year: 1968
Builder: Homemade, H-D based. 

Front fork:
Make: AEE
Year: ‘71
Type: Narrow Springer
Length: 15 inch overstock

Front wheel:
Make: H-D –AMF Simon Poelma
Type: Spoke Wheel
Size: 21 inch
Brakes: H-D – AMF Drum Brake
Tyre: Avon Speedmaster

Rear wheel:
Make: H-D
Type: Spoke Wheel
Size: 16 inch
Brakes: Zodiac / Brembo Gold Line
Tyre: Avon 140
Sprocket: Zodiac

Rear fender: Highway Hawk Flat Fender, modified
Fuel tank: H-D Sportster, modified
Handlebars: Z-bars
Headlight: Mini Bates
Rear light: Oval
Seat: Drag Specialties
Sissybar: Drag Specialties
Forward controls: Drag Specialties
Footrests: H-D
Oil tank: Crime Scene Choppers, modified

Homemade / Special Parts:
Too many to list...

Colour: Candy Apple Red
Painter: Staalborstel

Model: Angelina

Thanks to: Santa, Angelina, WB Mechanic, Staalborstel, Simon Poelma, and Zodiac.

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