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Saturday 31 October 2015

Corn Palace Mitchell, SD

World's Only Corn Palace
Mitchell, SD

Corn Palace? What? Why? 
Well, when we tell you that whisky was made out of corn, 
that the Corn Palace works close together with Klock Werks Custom Motorcycles 
and that the HOT BIKE TOUR was at the Corn Palce,
it makes a lot more sence, right?!
And when you see my good friend Katie Knudson, director of the Corn Palace, 
you'll understand why we love to go to the Palace whenever we are in Mitchell, SD!

Katie Knudson, Director of the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD and me

"For over 120 years, the World’s Only Corn Palace 
has attracted the unusual, the notable, and the road-weary. 
This year, this whimsical building will undergo a royal transformation before your very eyes!

In addition to the annual redecorating, parts of the Palace will be under corn-struction while we work to bring an even greater experience for you to visit. New ear-chitecture, new interactive exhibits, and a new, welcoming design will make the Corn Palace more exciting than ever. The theme of 2015 is “South Dakota’s 125th”.

The remodel of the Corn Palace will feature larger exterior murals, new sign, custom-designed light-up domes, and a walk-out balcony – and that’s just on the outside! On the interior, you will be greeted with a new grand entry and lobby and a redesigned box office. For the first time in decades, you will also be invited to the second floor of the Corn Palace where you will find a

Klock Werks, Mitchell, SD.

Visting Klock Werks, Mitchell, SD

On our Road Trip through South Dakota, coming from Sturgis, we stopped at Brina Klock's Klock Werks. We've been good friends since I met Brian and his crew in 2006 at the Biker Build-Off episode when the teams of Michael Prugh/Jesse Jurrens and Marcus Walz competed.

Brian Klock

Showroom of Klock Werks

Custom bike builders, racers,home of the Flared Windshield, Baggers, World's Fastest Bagger.... There's so many activities Klock Werks has put there name to! There's a lot going on at Klock Werks at the moment; their new catalog just came out, there are expanding the Klock Werks building big time and in between everything, they are involved in serious racing, setting record after record and still find time for generous charity! 

World's Fastest Bagger

Just check out the Klock Werks website, and while your there, 
view the new online Klock Werks Catalog,

Friday 23 October 2015

Sturgis City Park Street Tracker Show 2015

Sturgis City Park Street Tracker Show 2015

Biltwell and the Rusty Butcher partnered up to present 
the Street Tracker show in the Sturgis City Park on Friday, August 7rd.
The Street Trackers were lined up and we saw a couple of bikes that raced the Sturgis Fairgrounds Half Mile Track yesterday night. The show was a good mix of more or less show bikes and the real down to earth, dirty, agressive machines, waiting for the next race. 

Sturgis 2015 Fairgrounds Flat Track Races - The Hooligan Dirt Dash

Hooligan Dirt Dash
Sturgis 2015 Fairgrounds Flat Track Races

One of the highlights during the 75th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally were the Harley-Davidson the Hooligan Dirt Dash Flat Track Races at historic Sturgis Fairgrounds half-mile dirt track. 

 The Hooligan Dirt Dash is a back-to-the-basics race featuring street legal Harley's. We saw racers riding Sportsters and Dyna's, some even with their headlights on, racing the track furious. And didn't these races start it all? Here, in 1938 Pappy Hoel organized a half-mile race.Later on, it became the Sturgis Black Hills Classic. Or Sturgis Bike Week, as we know it now. "This style of racing brings Harley-Davidson racing back to its roots,” says Fonz, The Speed Merchant. “Just average Joes who wanna go fast on American made machines.”
 "This is just the type of event that reminds us why we love motorcycles,” adds Roland Sands of Roland Sands Design.

And the real motorcycle enthousiast were all there, watching the racers on the track. After the race, it sort of looked like the early seventies when choppers and bobbers left the parkinglot. A great sight to witness and we were just so lucky to be there. This is Sturgis, this is motorcycling!

Thursday 22 October 2015

Sturgis Nitro National “Rumble in the Hill” Pro Hill Climb 2015 Buffalo Chip

Nitro National Pro Motorcycle Hill Climb 
Sturgis Rally 2015

Nitro National “Rumble in the Hill” Pro Hill Climb
Nitro-Injected Motorcycle Mayhem at the Chip’s PowerSports Complex Aug. 6 and 7 2015
Arriving at the Buffalo Chip PowerSports Complex, we smelled the oh so addicting smell of nitro burning bikes already. "Experience the earth-shaking rumble of 1250cc Harleys, the haunting howl of high-powered 2-strokes and smell of nitro methane burned by furious four-cylinder open exhibition bikes during the Nitro National Pro Hill Climb! Watch in amazement as custom-built bikes with steel-bolted paddle tires and nitro-injected 200-horsepower engines go flying through the dirt on their way to the top of the Chip’s rugged 300-foot course." was the promising text that got us to the Chip's PowerSports Complex. 

That hill is so steep, it takes a lot of time and effort to walk to the top. Riding it to the top looks even harder. But these guys know what they are doing and shooting their bikes with unbelieveble power up the hill is a stunning sight. Let the photo's do their work - see what impossible manouvres are being made getting to the top!

Sturgis 2015 Bagger Show Sturgis City Park

Baggers Magazine Baggers Winner Take All Bagger Show 2015
Sturgis City Park 

Baggers Winner Take All  - August 6 2015
Baggers Magazine are back in Sturgis for a down and dirty contest to find the world’s best custom bagger builders. No first -thru- fourteenth prizes, or honorable mentions, just a single winner per magazine will win all of the cash, glory and prizes! And there were quite a few baggers to choose from. The Bagger scene is no longer restricted to Harley only models. various makes entered the Baggers Winner Take All competition in the Sturgis City Park. 

2015 Sturgis Rat's Hole Custom Bike Show CrossRoads - Buffalo Chip

The Rat's Hole Custom Bike Show 2015
CrossRoads - Buffalo Chip

With over 120 of the coolest custom bikes competing in one of world's most prestigious bike shows is something amazing to see. The Rat's Hole Ride In Custom Bike Show 2015 at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip was one of the best shows ever. Check out our photo's and the MotoUSA video!  

(video courtesy of MotoUSA)

Cycle Source Custom Bike Show Sturgis 2015, The CrossRoads - The Legendary Buffalo Chip

Cycle Source Custom Bike Show Sturgis 2015 
The CrossRoads - The Legendary Buffalo Chip

Oh yeah baby! The Cycle Source Magazine’s Annual Custom Chopper Show is headed back to the CrossRoads at the Buffalo Chip with its 8th annual Sturgis bike show. And if you thought you had fun at this event in previous years, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
Cycle Source Magazine’s Annual Chopper Show Returned to the Chip's CrossRoads big time indeed, with many custom bikes in various classes. With handmade trophies handed out by Kevin Baas, the winners were more than happy!

Many old school choppers attended the Cycle Source bike show. 
In perfect weather conditions dozens and dozens of stunning bikes stood lined up. Many hours were spent just checking out the bikes. It was a great day, thanks to all the participants of the Cycle Source bike show, Cycle Source Magazine and Buffalo Chip's CrossRoads!

Biker Belles, Historic Deadwood - Sturgis 2015

Biker Belles - Historic Deadwood

Featured Speaker Gloria Struck, lifetime member of the Motor Maids, 
told us about her most daring adventures on motorcycles in the US and Europe

While Gloria Tramontin Struck came from a motorcycling family, she didn't originally have any burning desire to ride. In fact, in 1941, when she was 16, her older brother decided to teach her to ride while she told him tearfully, “I don’t want to know how to ride.” Well, he won out, and since then she has owned 14 bikes—three Indians and 11 Harleys. 
She now rides a 2004 Heritage Softail Classic.

Me and my 'Grandmother of Motorcycling', Gloria Struck

Gloria was born in 1925 behind her family's business, the Lexington Cycle Shop, in Clifton, NJ. The business had been selling bicycles and Excelsior-Henderson motorcycles since 1915. When she was only three years old, her father, Ernest, died at the age of 32, leaving her 28-year-old mother, Pierina, to take over the shop. Pierina became an Indian dealer in the ‘30s until her retirement in 1947 when Gloria's brother, Arthur "Bub" Tramontin, took over as a Harley Dealer. Bub's son is now the third generation to operate the business that will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2015.

In 1946, at age 21, Gloria joined the Motor Maids. She and the founders’ daughter, Betty Fauls, are the club’s longest standing members still riding. Two years ago, the two were the first in the Motor Maids’ history to be honored for 65 years of active riding.
Gloria has logged over 500 thousand miles, riding all 48 continental states many times over. She has made the trip to Daytona Bike Week numerous times since 1951, and she attends many Rallies, Motor Maid events and conventions from New Jersey to California.

Celebrating Gloria Struck's 90th birthday. 

Legends Ride - Sturgis Bike Week 2015 - Buffalo Chip

Legends Ride - Sturgis Bike Week 2015 
Start at the Franklin Hotel in Historic Deadwood to end at the Legendary Buffalo Chip

The Legends Ride, a 50-mile ride from Deadwood to Sturgis, helps to raise money for regional charities. Celebrities lead the ride to the legendary Buffalo Chip, where a private reception was followed by a headlining concert! 
The Legends Ride 2015 started at the Franklin Hotel in Historic Deadwood. A nice ride through the beautiful Black Hills South Dakota area ended at the Legendary Buffalo Chip, where we had a great party! 


Buffalo Chip - Sturgis 2015

Welcome at The Legendary Buffalo Chip!
Sturgis Buffalo Chip 2015

The best bands, the biggest stage, the best bike shows, 
the biggest campground, the greatest party ever!
The Buffalo Chip keeps getting better and bigger. 
The Cross Roads, the area in front of the entrance of the Chip, there's so much FREE entertainment every day, and more and more is added every year. 
Bike shows every day, a bikini bike wash, concerts, a great bar, and much much more. 

Yes, it does feel like coming home when you arrive at The Buffalo Chip!

At the Buffalo Chip, the campground is enormous and it's the place to be during Sturgis Bike Week. Enjoy all the concerts, the madness, the crazy people and the good thing is: you don't have to ride your motorcycle back after a good night of partying, you just stay at the Chip!

The Naked Truth Motorcycles as Art Exhibition by Michael Lichter, Sturgis 2015

The Naked Truth 
Motorcycles as Art Exhibition by Michael Lichter, 
Buffalo Chip - Sturgis 2015

The Michael Lichter Motorcycles as Art Exhibition is one of the most inspiring shows during Sturgis Bike Week. No paint - no chrome. Just a basic custom bike, showing off it's beauty and pure craftmen's work. 

Cool King Kenji Nagai

Cherry's Company Team from Japan

The Easyriders Saloon Custom Bike Show Sturgis 2015

Easyriders Saloon Custom Bike Show Sturgis 2015
Easyriders Saloon, Lazelle, Sturgis 

Many Baggers but also old school custom bike attended the Custom Bike Show 
at the Easyriders Saloon during Stugis Bike Week 2015

Cyril Huze checks the seating position of this huge high neck chopper

The Sturgis 2015 FXR Show

The Sturgis 2015 FXR Show
City Park Sturgis

Sorry, due to some technical problems we were not able to publish all our Sturgis and 2015 USA Road Trip photo's. But here they are, enjoy them!

The Hamsters FXR Show in the Sturgis City Park showed great FXR's, still the best handling H-D ever made, the FXR enthousiasts claim. 

Sturgis 2015 - The 75th

Sturgis 2015 - The 75th
‘Sturgis’ – het brengt bij iedereen een blik van verlangen in de ogen teweeg. Je bent er geweest – of niet. Herkenning en de wens om er eens te zijn, zijn de twee gevoelens die ‘Sturgis’ oproepen. Want het anders zo kleine stadje van nog geen 7000 inwoners groeit eens per jaar uit tot een immens motorspektakel waar dit jaar zelfs 800.000 motorliefhebbers naartoe trokken. Een pelgrimsreis, die vanuit de hele wereld wordt ondernomen om Sturgis mee te kunnen maken.

Amerikanen zijn gek op jubilea en de 75th Sturgis, daar werd al jaren over gesproken en gespeculeerd. Toch bleek deze Sturgis niet anders dan andere jaren te zijn. Geen grote namen qua bands, geen introducties van nieuwe modellen en geen bijzondere activiteiten. Maar wel veel, erg veel luidruchtige Amerikanen en motoren. Goed was dat dit jaar de politie zich veel relaxter opstelde, er geen incidenten waren, maar dat het een groot feest was, waar eten en drinken de belangrijkste prioriteiten waren voor de meeste Sturgis-gangers.