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Tuesday 31 January 2012

H-D Black Road King 'BTO'

Harley-Davidson Benelux presenteert de ‘Black BTO’ (Built To Order): een volledig zwarte custom Road King® in beperkte oplage

Tweede hoofdstuk in succesvol custom bike-project

Rijswijk (NL), 31 januari 2012 – De Black BTO is een 2012 Harley-Davidson® Road King® Classic die extra dik is aangekleed met originele Harley-Davidson®-accessoires. Een perfecte uitvoering nu de winter toch lijkt te komen. Er is exclusief voor de Benelux een gelimiteerde oplage beschikbaar van deze Black BTO.

Het initiatief voor de BTO is ontstaan uit de toenemende vraag naar motoren die standaard gecustomized zijn. “Mensen willen exclusiviteit, een Harley-Davidson met een eigen identiteit, maar tegen een betaalbare prijs. Dat is precies wat we met deze nieuwe BTO aanbieden”, zegt Ed Anderson, District After Sales Manager Nederland bij Harley-Davidson Benelux. Samen met Bert Reurink, chef werkplaats van Harley-Davidson Amsterdam, heeft hij de Black BTO ontworpen.

Streched Saddle Bags
Fraaie uitlaten
Screamin' Eagle luchtfilter

Er is gekozen voor een Road King® Classic als basis voor de BTO, omdat dit tourmodel met zijn koffers en ruime duozit al jaren één van de meest geliefde Harley-Davidson-modellen is, een echter ‘evergreen’ dus. De Black BTO wordt standaard afgeleverd met een zeer uitgebreid accessoirepakket. Zo is de Road King voorzien van de volledige Slip Stream-collectie die maar liefst uit elf delen bestaat en perfect samen gaat met de duistere look van deze Black BTO. Werkelijk alle verchroomde delen zijn zwart gepoedercoat en lakdelen zijn zwart  gespoten, inclusief de brede koplampringen die eraan zijn toegevoegd om het geheel nog meer body te geven.

Dikke koplampringen dragen bij aan het imposante uiterlijk
Voetsteunen uit de 'Slip Stream' Collection
'Edge Cut' fork Sliders

Waar men niet om heen kan, is de 16-inch Fat Ape voorzien van interne bekabeling en de Stretched Saddle bags die een slag groter zijn dan de normale leren uitvoering van de koffers. Daarnaast beschikt de motorfiets over Black Blade Custom-wielen die uit de nieuwe 2012-accessoirelijn komen. Tot slot is de BTO voorzien van een ‘Brawler’-zadel, de tank van een Flush Mount Fuell Cap en Combination Analog Speedometer/Tachometer die beschikt over een toerenteller.

H-D 'Bar & Shield' schakelstang
'Edge Cut' uitlaat eindstukken
Black Blade Custom wielen van H-D

De Road King® BTO is verkrijgbaar voor € 35.000 in Nederland en € 32.000 in België. De Black BTO is nu verkrijgbaar bij de Authorized Harley-Davidson Dealers in de Benelux. Het showmodel is te bezichtigen bij Harley-Davidson Amsterdam (NL).

103 H-D V-twin motorblok
Ed Anderson op de Road King 'BTO'
Apehanger stuur met interne bedrading

Meer informatie over de Black BTO (inclusief foto’s) en de beschikbaarheid is te verkrijgen via de Authorized Harley-Davidson Dealers of via Harley-Davidson Benelux.

Studio photography by Onno "Berserk" Wieringa - Madness Photography www.madnessphotography.nl

Tuesday 24 January 2012

Motor Bike Expo 2012 Verona, Italy

Motor Bike Expo 2012 Verona, Italy. Bigger and Better than Before!

Veronafiere, January 20-22 2012

Text & photography by Onno "Berserk" Wieringa - Madness Photography.nl

Do you like: beautiful bikes, beautiful women, the best coffee, Italian food..? Come to the Veronafiere, the Motor Bike Expo packed with everything nice was more than a great success; four halls filled with everything custom makes ‘Verona’ definitely the best custom bike show to go to in Europe. With celebrities from Europe and USA like Arlen and son Cory Ness the Motor Bike Expo Verona’12 drew a crowd that exceeded 120.000 visitors.

A high level Group of Customizers like Arlen and Cory Ness, Battistinis, Russel Mitchell,  Danny Schneider (Hardnine Choppers), Zen Motorcycles, TPJ Custom, Cycle Kraft, Kirk Taylor of Custom Design Studios, Ehinger Kraftrad, DK Motorrad and Peder Johansson (Hogtech), Ted Sands of PM and by Mondo Porras (Denver’s Chopper), Derk "Bad Dad" Hinsey and his son Jacob and Rick Fairless (Strokers Dallas), the last four are guests of the FIC (Italian Federation of Customizers), together with the high level Italian Customizers. Even Jesse James, West Coast Choppers, was back in Verona at the Motor Bike Expo Verona’12 after 3 years from his first appearance. And from Europe there were Carlo Colombo, HOG Tech, Fred Kodlin and Penz, to name but a few…

Cory Ness
Arlen Ness
Russel Mitchel - Exile
Derk 'Bad Dad' Hinsey & Rick Fairless - Strokers Dallas
Kirk Taylor - Custom Design Studios
Mondo Porras - Denver Choppers and Italian beauty
Jesse James - West Coast Choppers

4 of the 7 pavilions were dedicated to the Custom Sector: In hall 1, 2 and 3 the main custom bike builders, bike shows, parts vendors and bike shops made an impressive appearance. Hall 5 was hosting a fantastic Hot Rod show and visitors were able to assist in a live customization project of a ’48 Dodge, realized by a group of specialists under the supervision of Alex Gambino. The Italians are famous for their designs and they did not disappoint us at the Motor Bike Expo Verona this year. Many new parts and accessories were on display, the coolest ideas, the craziest things, it was all there.

But man, what a great style these ‘Spaghettis’ have when it comes to custom bike building. Clearly the early chopper style as we saw in the early seventies is still the favorite style in Italy. Like a time machine your suddenly back in the time when the AMF Harley-Davidson was built, the choppers roared down the street, psychedelic paint jobs on the tiniest gas tanks and small Frisco handlebars were common. But also the Café Racer styling is becoming more and more popular. New and older bikes are treated to a Café Racer gas tank, fender, a pair of fork gators and the typical rear fender / seat combo. A race pipe, rear set and and clip-ons added and voilá, a Café Racer is born. Cromwell type helmet and leather ´Rocker´ jacket makes the owner like a sixties Road Rocker. Although the Italians hardly speak English, they adore everything American and-or English, be it cars, bikes, music or the whole lifestyle!   

Carlo Colombo - ASSO Bikes

Hundreds and hundreds of the best looking, coolest custom bikes competed in several bike shows. The judges had to choose among all the custom bikes present in Verona. And all the bikes were spread out over three huuuuge halls, making it one hell of a job to find them first, and because of the high level, pick the best ones out. CCE had their Championship prize ceremony first, followed by Lowride Magazine a couple of hours later. Great fun and the very enthusiastic Italians made a good show on stage. The international press was there to cover it all, so you’ll read and see more in the upcoming custom bike magazines about the Motor Bike Expo Verona’12 

Hardnine Choppers Yamaha XS650
Hardnine Choppers Triumph Flat Tracker
The new bike that Danny Schneider of Swiss Hardnine Choppers built exclusively for Verona was of course on display in their booth. It is a 1950 Triumph Tiger Club Flat Tracker, a very cool bike indeed! After his success with the Triumph invited to Mike Lichter Show, to the Artistry in Iron Show of Las Vegas and to the Yokohama Mooneyes Show, a new fantastic creation was shown in Verona. His partner in business René built a Yamaha XS, also designed for Verona. With subtle details, gold painting and anodizing and a nitrated front end in matching colors, this bike is just beautiful. Hardnine Choppers was born in Bern, Switzerland. From Bern also Mayhem Kustomz was there to promote their mini custom bikes, the Hardknock bikes. Cool as penguin piss and with EU type approval!

Michael Behrens 'working'

Too many builders and parts manufacturers to mention here were in Verona, if you weren’t there; you missed a lot. A whole lot. A whole lot of nice stuff!
The Motor Bike Expo Verona’12 is great. The atmosphere, the bikes, music, the whole scene. It’s the best show in Europe I believe. Arlen Ness said to me “I believe this show is even bigger than any in the States, it’s really good!”

Mondo Porras-Denver Choppers and Horst Roesler-HRF Fotografie
Zodiac Top Fuel Drag Bike

Oh, did I mention the girls? Yes, there were girls at the Motor Bike Expo in Verona...

With special thanks to the Motor Bike Expo Verona’12 crew, especially Gaja! 

More photo’s soon on my website www.madnessphotography.nl