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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Motor Show 2012 Messe Essen, Germany

Motor Show 2012 Messe Essen Germany
'Smokin' Shutdown Hot Rod Show'
Custom Bikes &Custom Cars

The 45th Essen Motor Show Messe Essen,
Germany, December 1-9 2012
Automotive highlight of the year in the Messe, Essen Germany

With more than 500 exhibitors and a lot of partners, Messe Essen has tied up a breathtaking horsepower package. 12 Halls packed with everything for both bike and car lovers, the Essen Motor Show 2012 attracts the attention of thousends of visitors daily. During the ten days of the Motor Show Essen, some 340.000 visitors come to the show, making it one of the biggest in Europe!

Willi Schel’s CBX Evolution 1300 Honda immediately grabbed our attention big time.
Beautiful engineered, perfect paint job, incredible detailing and overall finish makes this one a unique piece of art!

The concept of the Motor Show Essen 2012 is divided into four sectors, including: sporty series automobiles, tuning, motorsport, classic cars and motorbikes. The whole thing is garnished with live acts and special events. Of course, the eccentric and crazy creations from all over the world will not be missing this year either and once more proves: The Essen Motor Show has long since possessed a cult status.

Ass High, typical German Streetfighter Styling

Creative and Curious

Our interest, of course, at the Motor Show Essen, was bikes, hot rods and custom cars. In Hall 4 the bikes were to be found. As every year, Motor Show Essen has a theme and this year it was fast bikes. In the Speed Bike Show a large display with countless and unique bikes was paradise for motorbike fans. In one section it was mainly the brute V-Max Yamaha’s, including the World famous by Walz, Lazareth and Roland Sands customized Maxxes, in an another one Streefighters (some in typical German ‘Ass High’ style, in another area it was the classic streetlegal racebikes like the Egli’s, 'but also modern Spondons et cetera.

Yamaha V-Max by RSD Roland Sands Design

Yamaha V-Max by Lazareth

Yamaha V-Max by Marcus Walz



'Smokin' Shutdown Hot Rod Show'
at the Essen Motor Show 2012
Messe Germany

In the Gallery it was heaven for Hot Rod and Custom Car lovers.

The Hot Rod celebrates an anniversary in 2012: The Ford Model B came on the market 80 years ago. Without this, there would probably hardly had been any hot rod cars. The lenghts of the Gallery was where the Hot Rod afficiniados couls eat their hart out. Lined up were the coolest and meanest Rod’s to be found in Germany.
Welcome to the 'Smokin' Shut Down' Hot Rod Show
at the Essen Motor Show 2012!

'Smokin' Shutdown Hot Rod Show'
Coolest and prettiest tractor ever seen must be the Diesel Porsche Streamler - a tractor from 1959 which was lovingly restored. An immaculate paint job in sparkling Candy Apple Red and White, every bit and part customized, it is pure eye Candy on wheels!

The Harley-Davidson ‘Time Line’ bike with seven engines, driven by one of the very first sidevalve engines, a 750 side valve, and from a Knuckle, Pan, Shovel and Evo to the Twin Cam, it provides space for ten people who can sit one behind the other.
Built by ‘Doc’ Hopkins, and as his ahndwritten note says; ‘Yes, it runs!’


Trike from Australia. This trike is built as a saloon with space for eight passengers. It’s been built by Mac Swift. It has a bar, airco, Champagne cooler and surround sound stereo. To pull all that weight, a 5.7 litre V8 Chevy with 350 HP motor is used. The trike is seven metres long and weighs 1.75 ton!


The Finnjet ‘Thank the Lord for Humor’: a nine-metre-long car with parts from 40 different models and other "junk" from the scrapyard. Two Mercedes 300TD are used as base. Built by Artti Rahko from Finnland, living in the USA, the car is streetlegal in the States and has an estimated value of $950.000…

In the Gallery it was heaven for Custom Car lovers too. You could see the legendary VW Beetles, amongst them the quickest electric dragster in the World, the ‘Black Current III’ Built by brothers Sam and Olly Young, Berkshire, UK, the Beetle runs the Quarter Mile with an E.T. of 9.51 and T.S. of 135 mph (217 km/h)

And a one-off with handmade bodywork from the workshop of a Croatian wrought-iron craftsman.



It costs only 107.500 euro's...

First-Rate Design in Hall 3

Concept cars, studies and prototypes of the haute couture of automobile construction have belonged to the Essen Motor Show since the beginning. Already during the very first Essen Motor Show in 1968, it was possible to see Desing Studies,

Prototypes and Concept Cars. In the meantime, Essen is defending a top position in the world as far as the number and mixture of the exhibits are concerned. This year, the represented manufacturers included: Citroen, Fornasari, IED, Italdesign, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Rinspeed, Roding, Sbarro and Wiesmann.

Cool Citroen Concpt Car
 Rat Cars Show
The Rats Car Scene is big in Germany. Thake a look at all the incredible details.
So it's true; some Germans do have humor!


Volkswagen T1 Single Cab. 1600cc motor, Radar Rims 7J x 17 inch
98cc 1949 NSU 'Quick'


In Hall 1A the The eBay Motors ‘TuningXperience’ had it’s premiere. Mainly based on boring, everyday transport, common German cars, the eye-catching perfection of these custom cars is breathtaking, even for non-car lovers! Heavely modified, extremely wild,  unique tuned vehicles showcasing the latests trends and techniques. Around 80 show cars with numerous details and modifications were on display at the Motor Show Messe in Essen.

Wrapped in leather, not only parts, but also complete cars is the newest trend in Germany!

The Motor Show Essen is full of High Lights!


Normally boring cars transformed in cool custom cars

Ford Mustang V8 Shelby GT 500

Customized Opel Kadett C 

Germans like their 'Bratwurst'
Moto Ball Racing
Mexican Style

Jack Lomaxx V-Rod

Kikker 5150 hardknock 50cc and 125cc Custom Bikes.
 Limited Edition, customized by Marcus Pfeil

'32 Ford Roadster, 350 HP


Brings back memories uh?

Beautiful Classic Race Bikes at the Motor Show Essen 2012

Jack Lomaxx V-Rod Cusom 'Stealth'
check out the front brake, it's a rim brake desing!

Many American, Classic Muscle Cars at the Motor Show Eseen 2012

In Hall 4 was a large display of custom bikes too

Nice table and chair!

Thanks for visiting our website.
Thanks to the Essen Motor Show 2012
in the Messe in Essen Germany!

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