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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Faak am See Faakersee EBW 2012

European Bike Week Faak am See 2012

The 15th European Bike Week in Faak, also known as ‘Faakersee’ was already on Monday busy, the visitors kept coming in and by Wednesday the roads around Faak were full with motorcycles, from all over Europe people came to see Europe’s biggest bike event. The weather was good, except for the Wednesday evening, when all hell broke loose and a thunderstorm flooded the place. H-D did not want to take any risk, and with lightning striking all over the event site, they shut down the main stage and that must have been a tough, but wise decision. Good thing about European Bike Week at Faak is that you don’t have to pay for the live bands, (no income fee has to paid, anywhere, at European Bike Week in Faak!) the food is good and cheap, as is gas and a place to sleep.

Ride on and you’ll come to Arneitz, where the aftermarket and custom bike builders rule. Hundreds of vendors and dozens of the most famous bike builders gather here, and it’s right here where the craziness and madness come alive at night. Restaurants, bars and campsites are all around Arneitz. Next stop is Drobollach, where many clubs gather and live bands play too. Bars and restaurants, hotels and campsites are here too, the atmosphere around Lake Faak is just great and it’s cool to ride your bike around the lake and see what’s going on!
Andd if you want to drink, no problem, a shuttle bus service is provided and takes you around Lake Faak for just a few euro’s.

















With way over 100.000 people on about 70.000 bikes, Faak is the place to be. Bands are playing everywhere, some good, some bad, but the parties keep going and all around Lake Faak are sites where everything motorcycle can be found. The road around Lake Faak is during the European Bike Week one way, and starting a tour north of Drobollach, just south of Villach in the most southern tip of Austria, you come through the small town of Faak first, where Harley Village is. Huge tents with Harley-Davidson dealers from Austria, Italy, Germany and Switzerland are selling mainly clothing and P&A, loads of aftermarket vendors sell hard parts and hundreds of smaller vendors sell everything and much more. On several stages bands are playing and shows are attracting thousands of bikers every day and night. Main act this year was well known band 10cc.




Tours that start in Faak take you to the Slovenian mountains in half an hour, an hour more and you’ll find yourself drinking cappuccino in an Italian restaurant. That close are Slovenia and Italy, the local Tourist Information office is very active and they provide maps with the most beautiful motorcycle tours, the good thing is that they do ride bikes themselves and work closely together with many bikers that know the area very well too.




















On Friday the Harley-Davidson / AMD Custom Bike Show takes place in Harley Village. Many bikes in many categories attended the show and on Saturday a Custom Bike Show organized by Custom Chrome Europe in Arneitz attracted many cool custom bikes too.

On Wednesday a Swiss guy riding his 120.000 bike around Lake Faak, stopped, got a gun against his head and had no choice than to hand over his bike. Bike Jacking, a new phenomenon you don’t think of when riding your new bike around, enjoying the scenery while looking cool… Sorry for the guy, I hope they’ll find the idiot who did it.




Faak. What the Faak. An event that keeps growing, keeps getting better and where you have to go to. And where you keep coming back to. Sturgis is the biggest, Daytona comes second and right after that comes Faak, European Bike Week in Austria as third biggest event in the world. And we just love it!
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